Proquote can help you achieve best execution for all your trades. We help users comply with MiFID requirements and provide you with an accurate picture of trades and orders executed at any given time. The service provided is simple to use and easily accessed via a secure website. No hardware installation is required keeping computer resource to a minimum.

Outliers Report

This report provides a simple method of identifying all retail trades that have executed away from the London Stock Exchange touch price using the Best Bid and Ask as the Benchmark price. The Best Bid and Offer from ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange Limited at the time of trade are also stored so that direct comparisons on benchmarks can be made against both London Stock Exchange and ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange Limited. A single trade listed in the report can be selected for further detailed information on the trade and the market at the time.

Single Trade Search

This service is designed to offer brokers an easy method of identifying a single client trade together with all associated available price information at the time of the trade.

A broker’s trades can be automatically imported if Proquote is used for trading, while a Trade import file facility is available for any other trades completed OTC or on another system.

Single Trade Detail Report

The single trade detail report option gives a full report on the client trades, including price Improvement or shortfall plus London Stock Exchange Benchmark Best Bid and Offer. The previous 5 and next 5 trades executed on the London Markets are shown, together with trade reports from all UK trade report venues.

Transactional Cost Analysis

New increased legislation requires increased transparency both on costs and on quality of execution.

Proquote's Transactional Cost Analysis (TCA) reporting system provides you with a full report on what an "ideal" transaction could have been, producing a summary of Execution Quality and the shortfall.

Proquote reports are equivalent to those of specialist TCA software houses but are at a far lower cost. Reports can be presented as a PDF Client Best Execution document, customised with a company logo.

Ease of use

The service is provided via the web and is accessed through a user login ID. It operates as a full standalone system, but can be integrated into your own trading data to provide online reports if required.

Simple reporting

Proquote compares the details of the specific trade entered with the order book volumes and prices over the period of the execution (from order entry to notice of execution).

TCA Report with full details

The report presents the trade details together with the results of the analysis in seconds. The data shown includes:

Arrival Price:

  • Shortfall
  • Market VWAP
  • Market TWAP
  • Effective Offer
  • Open, High, Low, Close, Volume

At the end of the Report a number of benchmarks are presented including:

  • VWAP
  • TWAP
  • Price Median
  • Arrival Price
  • Order Book Optimal
  • Order Book Replay

On any of the exchanges covered by the service, a user is able to select a period in time and replay the order book and see the development of the depth and price movements.

Order Book Replay

As an optional feature to both Best Execution Service and TCA, the Order Book Replay service allows a user to identify a moment in time and view the available Order Book for the stock. The user is able to wind back or forward time to see exactly what was happening on the market before, during and after a trade was completed.