Proquote’s vendor agnostic FIX interface, provides clients with an industry standard protocol for submitting orders to a broad range of execution venues via the Proquote Trading Platform (PTP).

The FIX interface can also be used in conjunction with the Proquote Order Management System to submit client instructions for automatic or manual execution, as well as routing orders to other Sell Side brokers.

Dedicated FIX end Points

FIX Drop Copy

Utilising standard FIX protocol, Proquote can onward route trade data from the dealing desk or trades executed electronically to one or many back office systems

Front to Back Office Providers

Proquote’s FIX interface currently supports a wide number of leading front to back office providers along with clients who manage their own internal systems

Bespoke Development

Proquote’s in-house development team are on hand to assist should the client require the Proquote FIX interface to be tailored to fulfil their business requirements