Proquote is a market data and trading services provider. Our cost effective solutions are fully customisable, providing access to high quality global market data. Information includes real-time price information, news, fundamentals, corporate actions, analysis and financial calculators. In addition, Proquote’s market data solutions offer full integration to our trading services.

Our global market data solutions are used by a wide range of financial services professionals. We meet the needs of all users within an organisation, with content and functionality that can be tailored to individual requirements. Our software is adaptable and easy to use whilst having all of the sophisticated features and functionality expected from a professional market data system.

Proquote's market data terminals and APIs offer extensive real time data coverage from more than 100 countries and other OTC sources around the world, covering a wide spectrum of instruments from multiple asset classes.

Proquote’s services are designed for rapid implementation. The underlying architecture is fully resilient and benefits from utilising two data centres, multi-level data caches and a full disaster recovery system. We have dedicated trainers that work alongside our award winning customer service team.

Desktop Solutions

Our user interface is easily installed from the internet, with fully customizable layouts, quote fields, data, fonts and colour schemes which can be tailored for each user. Within the application, tasks can be executed via “drag and drop” as well as the right mouse click menu. In addition, users can create, save and share layouts online which allow accessibility to workspaces on different machines. Proquote Users can:

  • Monitor
    Equities; cash markets prices from global exchanges and MTFs Derivatives; energy, metals and commodities data along with futures and options pricing from major exchanges Currency; forex and money market data Fixed Income Funds Warrants Global news and commentary from wide range of specialist financial news wires.
  • Discover
    A sophisticated cross asset search engine with intelligent search criteria Content and functionality can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the users throughout organisations Powerful screen building tools, configurable stock lists, centrally maintained displays and lists of key securities and indices Global alerts for 24 hour monitoring.
  • Analyse
    Intra-day equity and index charting features including overlay comparisons, multi-year history, real time tick charting and suite of technical indicators Specialist Data; Proquote partners with providers such as Infinancials (fundamentals), Lionshares (shareholder data), global corporate actions and Morningstar allowing seamless access to best of breed data.
  • Compare
    Multiple online workspaces by country, market or asset class Peer group display allows quick identification of a company’s peers in a market or region Real Time Data (RTD) and the capability to export data to Microsoft Excel supporting both real time and historical data.

Data Feed

The Proquote feed, is an Application Program Interface (API) providing access to our extensive market data universe. The feed delivers market data in real time or on a delayed basis.

The service was created to provide a single consolidated information feed, regardless of where the data originates. The single standardised feed caters for the need to integrate multiple data sources with notable savings in terms of time, development and implementation. The feed can be used to populate websites or feed back office systems.

Trading Services

The Proquote Trading Hub is a powerful and comprehensive multi-asset trading facility providing global connectivity. Proquote's trading venues can be accessed via an electronic FIX interface or via our standalone web based application.

The application is also fully integrated with our market data terminal.

Proquote offers the UK's largest Retail Service Provider Network with over 30 RSP's processing £4billion each month. These provide liquidity in multiple asset classes including: Equities, ETF's ETC's, Bonds and Gilts. Trading CREST denominated Instruments across 18 Exchanges is also supported.

Direct On-Book Trading: Access to the London Stock Exchange for SETS and Trade Reporting providing customers access to Europe's deepest pool of liquidity.

Proquote's Global Order Routing network provides the ability to route Care/DMA order instructions to a global community of sell side brokers. These provide access across Europe, America, APAC, Middle East and Africa and Emerging Markets.

Straight through processing for mutual funds via Calastone and CoFunds.


Proquote has ‘smart’ administration which helps customers manage the costs associated with market data via sophisticated usage reports that monitor and control data costs in real-time; and In addition to its flexibility and versatility Proquote offers unrivalled reliability.