Brokers need to effortlessly manage the process of accepting orders from clients and then to efficiently trade those orders. Proquote Trading Platform (PTP) meets and exceeds those needs.

Using a customer configurable rules engine the system routes client orders to multiple RSPs, SETS and Unit Trust venues enabling compliant and efficient execution. Fully auditable, flexibly priced and configured to execute at best price, PTP makes transacting orders that much smoother.

The service is delivered via a set of Windows applications installed on a user’s PC and connected to a PTP server located in Proquote’s Data Centres.

The PTP can be integrated with your back office systems with a range of different options available.


Dealers have access to the full range of Proquote’s dealing destinations, including multiple RSPs (including 18 international exchanges), SETS and Unit Trusts.

Competitively priced

Proquote’s flexible product allows users to adapt the product to their specific needs, so bringing the costs down, compared to many other providers.

Best price, automatically

PTP seeks the best price for a transaction from the RSP network and SETS, then automatically executes the order at the best price found and returns the details to the users.

Basket Trading

A bulk order upload facility converts an Excel spreadsheet to a FIX 4.2 order flow for automatic RSP best execution dealing.

Pre-trade validation

This takes account of up-to-date client cash and stock positions. It also enables order routing to multiple dealing desks and order destinations.

Post-trade execution reporting

Once executed, the order is automatically passed to the back office for settlement processing.

Limit order management

Limit prices can be entered on all orders and these can be sent to Proquote’s ‘limit minding module’.